To be XED Power Distributor

if you are interested in XED Power products or already have some associated businesses, such as lighting, cable, power strips, sockets, other building materials, real estates, building projects construction, decoration designs, household electrical equipment, super markets, associated multiple stores, welcome to be XED Power distributors.

How we can support you ?

  1. 1). Offer perfect products, after sales, products warranty
  2. 2). Products information
  3. 3). Installation training
  4. 4). XED power projects design
  5. 5). Customers protected

What you will get from XED Power ?

You can get big business opportunity of XED Power as an innovated products, XED Power has solved the traditional power systems problems such as digging wall, mess cables, not enough sockets, not movable sockets, over load, short circuit ect., it is a huge opportunity for power system market for different applications, like home, offices, public places, shops and hotels and other places, so let’s join together to make this opportunity together, at the same time improve your own business based


We will arrange the presents to distributors’ (and their families) who actually have made contributions to XED Power Career Every Chinese New Year.